by Jeff Kerchner


Solving Simple Algebraic Equations

Jeff Kerchner
To obtain a downloadable copy of the worksheet that accompanies this bulletin board, click on the button below.

SUBJECT: This bulletin board would be used for a Pre-Algebra/Algebra classroom, either 7th or 8th grade.

TOPIC: This bulletin board was created to help students to practice solving simple algebraic equations.

INTERACTIVITY: Students can chose the teams that they want to use (or randomly if they have no preference), they then select a playbook from their selected teams, and then they can use the worksheet to help them to build 4 random equations. There are flaps that cover each of the team’s plays, so the students must peel the flaps back in order to fill in their worksheets.


  1. Select one team from the NFC and one team from the AFC to play in your SuperBowl. Place their team picture cards on the bulletin board on the footballs.
  2. Next, find the playbooks for each of the teams that you have chosen, and place each playbook in the appropriate playbook pockets on the bulletin board.

  1. The object of this game is to choose 4 different offensive plays from the NFC Team’s playbook, and choose 4 different defensive plays from the AFC Team’s playbook to make 4 different equations. Use the spaces on the backside of this worksheet to fill in your selections.
  2. Solve the equations, round the solution to the nearest whole number, and record your answers in the appropriate spaces.
  3. Finally, add the results of all 4 of the plays to see who won the game.

TIME: Approximately 10 minutes to choose teams, find playbooks, and then complete the worksheet.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I had to use a special pouch for each of the playbook holders. I laminated a sheet with pre-cut windows, and then fastened the window sheet to a sheet of poster-board. I, then, had to create laminated tabs that could be adhered to the window sheets, so that the children could uncover their desired, random plays. I printed, laminated, and cut each of the NFL team cards. I also fabricated the pouches for all of the playbooks and for the team cards.

CREDIT: For completing the entire worksheet, and for participating in the bulletin board activity, I would give each child a 5% bonus on the next upcoming exam.

Jeff Kerchner
Fall 2006