by Chris Kavcak

General Math


Chris Kavcak
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TITLE: "Thanksgiving Logic"

SUBJECT: General Math

TOPIC: Logic

INTERACTIVITY: Students will match names with the faces and relationships to the main character. All the names are in the center of the "table." The student can take a name from the center and match it to the correct face around the "Thanksgiving dinner table."

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Students are first to take the worksheet that corresponds with the bulletin board. After the students read over the statements, they will be able to match a name to each one of the main character’s relatives. Students can then go back to the bulletin board and place the names next to the faces. Each face flips up to reveal how this person is related to the main character. After the students have completed the "puzzle" they are to write the answer on the worksheet and submit it to the teacher.

TIME: Students will need some time to work out the logic, but the actual bulletin board interactivity will take less then five minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The faces are mounted on folded construction paper to make flip-up faces. This is where the relationship to the main character is written. The names have a strip of velcro on the back. The table and the place to put the names are made of felt so the name tags stick to the bulletin board.

CREDIT: This assignment is for extra credit points.

OTHER COMMENTS: This bulletin board has a Thanksgiving theme. The concept is very versatile, it can be applied to any theme and the worksheet would only have to be slightly changed. It would easily work for any holiday and much more.

Chris Kavcak