by Justin Kast

Middle School Mathematics

Measurement, Computation, and Scaling

Justin Kast
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SUBJECT: Middle School Mathematics

TOPIC: Measurement, Computation, and Scaling

INTERACTIVITY: Students will be required to approach the bulletin board and roll the dice to determine the three destinations they will be visiting in New York City. Students will also spin a wheel to determine what transportation they will be using to travel to their destinations. They are required to use the attached ruler, pushpins, and string to mark and measure their destinations on the map of the city.

DIRECTIONS: The directions for the students are listed on the activity sheet. The students will be required to show all calculations of their work on the activity sheet or a separate sheet of paper. The total distance and time traveled between the three destinations in the correct units will need to be shown on the activity sheet.

TIME: The activity to complete at the bulletin board should take approximately 5-10 minutes per student.

CREDIT: Students will receive a possible of 15 extra credit points towards the total points at the end of the marking period.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The map of New York City that is used is a map that is drawn to scale and contains many of the most visited landmarks and destinations that New York City tourists visit. The map is mainly made up of Manhattan and does not contain any of the other four boroughs.

OTHER COMMENTS: As the students are traveling and marking their destinations with the string and push pins, the appropriate streets must be used in order to calculate the distance. That is, students cannot simply measure the distance from one destination to another without using streets.

Justin Kast
Spring 2006