by Sara Karahoca

6th Grade General Math

Estimation vs Calculation; Geometry

Sara Karahoca
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TITLE: Estimation vs Calculation

SUBJECT: 6th Grade General Math, Geometry

TOPICS: Volume, Estimation

INTERACTIVITY: This bulletin board is interactive insofar as students must physically measure the objects attached to the board to determine each container's volume. When estimating, students will need to physically count the objects vertically and alongside of the containers. In addition, formulas, measurements, and answers are affixed to the bulletin board.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Predicament: Have you ever entered a contest to guess the exact number of candies in a jar? Did you guess a random number or use some kind of logic? Did you win?

A contest like this deals with the volume of two objects or how much 3-dimensional space they take up. The first object is the container or jar and the second object is the candy or other contents inside the first object. So doesn't it make sense to use math to calculate the volumes for the number of pieces?

Complete this worksheet individually or in a group to discover your preferred approach to finding the contents of the cylinder, sphere, rectangular box, and square box. Answer each question in the space provided and submit your completed packet for a class participation grade. A completed and submitted worksheet qualifies your final guess to win the prize.

TIME: Approximately 20 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Attaching the objects to the board can be a little tricky. If you have access to a hanging shoe holder (for a closet) that is transparent, it will hold the objects just as easily. The containers were first mounted to double thick foam board using heavy-duty elastic. The foam board and objects were then mounted to the bulletin board using two large pieces of heavy duty Velcro, lots and lots of clear packing tape, and various staples just for good measure (ha-ha, math joke!). Flaps were just ordinary note cars with packing tape serving as a hinge.

CREDIT: Students receive a participation grade and the winning entry wins a prize.

OTHER COMMENTS: WARNING!!!!!! A bulletin board with candy is very enticing. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH COLLEGE STUDENTS (as they will eat all your candy). NOT RECOMMENDED IN HIGH TRAFFIC/UNSUPERVISED AREAS (as students, hungry professional staff, and/or wild animals may also eat all your candy and steal your smiley faces.)

Sara Karahoca
Fall 2007