by Rachael Kanusky



Rachael Kanusky
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TITLE: 12 Days til Christmath

SUBJECT: General Geometry Class

TOPIC: Finding the area of a triangle, circle, rectangle, and square.

INTERACTIVITY: Students will come up to the bulletin board and pick up a ruler out of the pocket. They will then start to measure the different shapes of the Christmas tree, the holly leaves, and the presents. They will fill in the measurements (in inches) on the accompanying worksheet. Students will then figure out the total area of the Christmas tree, the holly berries, and the two presents. As a bonus students will measure the star at the top of the tree and find the area of the star.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Your goal for today is to find the area of the following objects on the bulletin board: the tree, the holly berries (both sets), and the presents. Take a ruler out of the pocket marked Rulers, and start measuring the shapes that build up one of the objects. Record your measurements on the drawings below. Then figure out the area of tree, presents, and holly berries.

TIME: 10-15 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: A pocket is needed to hold the rulers for measurement.

CREDIT: This can be counted as a homework assignment, with the bonus points for the area of the star.

Rachael Kanusky