by Mallary Kamen

7th Grade Data Analysis

Mean, Median, and Mode

Mallary Kamen
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SUBJECT: 7th grade Data Analysis

TOPIC: Mean, median, and mode

INTERACTIVITY: The students will pick from the folder a handful of "m&m’s" really cotton balls. They will record this amount on their paper and put the "m&m’s" back into the folder. They will repeat this five times, so they fill five different slots on their paper. They will complete this process again only the second time picking six different times to fill six different slots on the worksheet.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: You will pick from the folder a handful of "m&m’s"(cotton balls). Record this amount on this worksheet and put the "m&m’s" back into the folder. Repeat this five times, so you fill the five different slots on your worksheet. Then complete the first part of the worksheet. Find the mean, median, and mode of the data you just collected. Next, draw another six samples to fill the next six slots on the worksheet. This will become your next set of data. When you have completed picking six times and filled the numbers into the slots, find the mean, median, and mode of the new data. Finally you must answer the three problems at the end of the worksheet on the two sets of data you explored.

TIME: The students will have ten minutes to interact with the bulletin board and complete the worksheet.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I used a folder to keep the "m&m’s" and handouts on the bulletin board.

CREDIT: The students will receive a little baggy of m&m’s if the worksheet is completed correctly.

Mallary Kamen
Fall 2006