by Brad Ingraham

7th or 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Probability With and Without Replacement

Brad Ingraham
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SUBJECT: This topic is suitable for a 7th or 8th grade mathematics class such as Pre-Algebra or Algebra in which calculating simple probabilities is covered.

TOPIC: Probability with and without replacement.

INTERACTIVITY: In order to complete this activity, students will pick one card from a collection of twenty cards provided in a hat. Students will then record the card they have chosen in the appropriate space on the worksheet. Students must then replace the card, count the total number of cards in the hat, and count the number of cards of each suit in the hat. This information will be recorded and used to calculate simple probabilities. Students must then pick two cards from the hat, record the cards they have chosen, and calculate the probability of drawing additional cards without replacing the two cards picked initially.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The following directions appear on the bulletin board:

Pick a card! Any Card! Then use that card to complete the provided worksheet.

The following directions appear on the worksheet:

Follow the instructions marked in italics. Use the classical definition of probability discussed in class to answer the questions in the space provided. Show all necessary work to receive full credit.

The following instructions appear on the worksheet:

Draw a card from the hat. Put the card back in the hat. Look at all of the cards in the hat, and complete the following table. Draw two cards from the hat. Do not put the cards back in the hat. Put the cards back in the hat and mix all the cards in the hat thoroughly.

TIME: This activity will require approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: This bulletin board contains a computer generated image of a magician that was enlarged, printed and laminated at a local office supply store. It also has a top hat that was purchased at a local Halloween costume store. The border, lettering, birds, and stars surrounding the directions were created using paper cutting molds. The letters were spaced one inch apart and aligned using a level.

CREDIT: Successful completion of this activity will result in 5 points of extra credit, which can be used to increase the grade of a project, quiz, or test of the student’s choice.

OTHER COMMENTS: The cards in the hat are the Ace through Five of Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, and Spades. The birds on either side of the lettering at the top are intended to be doves. Rabbits or other animals commonly associated with magicians could also be used.

Brad Ingraham
Fall 2006