by Alicia Hull

Pre-Algebra or Algebra

Using Algebraic Equations; Converting Units; Mean, Median, & Mode

Alicia Hull
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TITLE: Unleash Your Power

SUBJECT: Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1

TOPIC: Using Algebraic Equations; Converting Units; Mean, Median, and Mode

INTERACTIVITY: The students will use the bulletin board to read about the history of horsepower, find and copy equations and some conversions about calculating horsepower needed for the worksheet, record their horsepower, and copy everyone's horsepower down.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Students will come up to the bulletin board and take an “Unleash
Your Power Activity” Packet. The first thing the activity packet will require the students to do is copy some formulas and conversions from the bulletin board. The students will use these later for calculations. Next, the students will find the amount of work it takes for them to go up a flight of steps. This calculation includes their body weight and the height of the flight of steps measured in meters. Once they have figured out their work, they can find their power. The students must time how fast they can go up a flight of steps with the stopwatch provided. Now they can figure out their power by using the formula they copied down earlier and their work they calculated. Once the student has found their horsepower, they write it on the marker board on the bulletin board. All the students must copy each other's horsepower down to finish the rest of the activity packet. Once everyone has copied these down, the students will find the mean, median, and mode of the data set. The teacher will collect the packet once they are finished for grading.

TIME: Students could take a maximum of 35 minutes to complete.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: If you use a marker board for students to record their horsepower, make sure it is attached well. I used an electric stapler to attach the tag board to the bulletin board. I then used industrial Velcro strips to attach the marker board to the tag board.

CREDIT: This bulletin board is used as an enrichment activity and will be counted as extra credit. There will be a deadline to when students can stop putting up their horsepower and one for when the packet is due. The packet will be graded out of 20 points on correctness and completeness.

OTHER COMMENTS: Make sure you or someone else is available to supervise when the students are measuring how fast they can go up the steps. Accidents could happen with this activity so make sure the students are cautious.

Alicia Hull
Spring 2007