by Karen Guellich

Algebra I

Sierpinski’s Triangle

Karen Guellich
To obtain a downloadable copy of the worksheet that accompanies this bulletin board, click on the button below.

SUBJECT: Algebra I

TOPIC: Students will create Sierpinski’s Triangle from Pascal’s Triangle.

INTERACTIVITY: Students will first use the small pink triangles in the triangle marked Numbers on the bulletin board to fill in each term of Pascal’s Triangle. After Pascal’s triangle is complete, students will remove all the even numbered pink triangles from the bulletin board. The remaining pattern will be the Sierpinski Triangle.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Follow the directions on the worksheet

TIME: This bulletin board should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The small pink triangles are held in place on the bulletin board using Velcro. Also colored pencils or crayons must be made available for student use.

CREDIT: This bulletin board will be used as an extra credit assignment. Each completed triangle will be worth 1 extra point, with a possible 3 points total. For example, the first small triangle must be completed with both Pascal’s numbers and colored in to show the Sierpinski Triangle in order to receive 1 extra point.

Karen Guellich