Meghan Ghaffari

Algebra I

Multiplying Binomials Using the FOIL Method

Meghan Ghaffari
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TITLE: Foiling with Feathers

SUBJECT: Algebra I

TOPIC: Multiplying binomials using the FOIL method

INTERACTIVITY: Students will use the bulletin board to discover the binomials, using flaps which are the turkey’s feathers, in which they will need to multiply.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: On the bulletin board, under each numbered feather there is a binomial. Write the binomial on your worksheet under the correct number. Using the FOIL method, multiply the two binomials and combine like terms. This worksheet will count as 20 points for your homework grade.

TIME: 20 minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I used paper fasteners to make flaps.

CREDIT: Students will receive 20 points as part of their homework grade. Each question is worth 2 points.

OTHER COMMENTS: Underneath the numbered feathers are binomials.

Meghan Ghaffari
Fall 2006