by Audrey Gerber


Multiples; Pascal’s Traingle

Audrey Gerber
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TITLE: Tricky Triangle

SUBJECT: Pre-Algebra

TOPIC: Multiples, Pascal's Triangle

INTERACTIVITY: Students will need to approach the bulletin board and get a worksheet. For each number listed on the worksheet, students will find multiples of that number on the triangle and use push pins to cover it up with a blank hexagon. Once all the multiples are covered with blank hexagons, they should see a pattern emerge on the triangle. They will need to remove all the blank hexagons before starting the next number.

DIRECTIONS: Directions on bulletin board:

  1. Take a worksheet
  2. For each number listed on the worksheet, begin at the top of the triangle on the bulletin board and decide if the number in each hexagon is a multiple of the number on the worksheet.
  3. Cover each multiple using a blank hexagon from the pouch below and a thumb tack.
  4. Once all the multiples are covered, stand back and observe the pattern of blank hexagons.
  5. Sketch this pattern in the appropriate triangle on the worksheet.
  6. Count all the blank hexagons and record the amount on your worksheet.
  7. Remove all the blank hexagons and place them back in the pouch.
  8. Repeat this for each number on the worksheet.

Directions on the worksheet: Find the multiples of the number on the left using the bulletin board. You may use your calculators to help. Sketch your patterns in the empty triangle. Record the number of multiples you found for each number on the right. This is a homework assignment to be handed in before the unit test.

TIME: About 20 minutes

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: You will need at least 60 blank hexagons measuring about 2 inches across. Laminating these hexagons and punching holes in one part will allow them to last better through all the pinning and handling. I also cut out 136 hexagons that contained the numbers of Pascal's Triangle up to the 15th row and glued them to the bulletin board.

CREDIT: The worksheet is handed in as a homework assignment with extra credit listed at the bottom as an optional five points.

Audrey Gerber
Spring 2007