by Emily Freed

Algebra I

Magic Squares

Emily Freed
To obtain a downloadable copy of the worksheet that accompanies this bulletin board, click on the button below.

TITLE: Magic Squares

SUBJECT: Algebra 1

INTERACTIVITY: To complete the worksheet accompanying this bulletin board, students must rearrange the numbered square so that each row, column and diagonal has the same sum.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: On the bulletin board there will be 9 movable squares, numbers 1-9. Students will rearrange the squares around the 3x3 grid so that the sum of each row, column and diagonal is the same. The student will be asked to time him/herself, to see how long it takes them to complete the square. After they completed one square or are fully frustrated they can look at the back of the worksheet to see the mathematics behind Magic Squares. This will give the students a quick easy way to complete the grid. Students are then to complete the worksheet.

TIME: The time needed to complete this bulletin board will vary but should not take more than 20 minutes.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: Removable squares made out of construction paper and Velcro strips to stick to the board.

CREDIT: Student will receive one point toward the next test for each of the 3x3 grids they fill in correctly on the worksheet. Also, if the student completes a 5x5 grid correctly they will receive 3 points toward the next test.

Emily Freed
Fall 2006