by Robin Fink



Robin Fink
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TITLE: Amazing Area

SUBJECT: 7th Grade Pre-Algebra

TOPIC: Area (includes quadrilaterals, triangles, circles, hexagons, octagons, and a cross)

INTERACTIVITY: Students will have to maneuver through a maze. The bulletin board is interactive whenever a student encounters a split in the maze. In each split, there are two shapes to be measured. The student will use the ruler provided to get measurements of length, width, radii, etc. After the measurements are taken, students will use the given worksheet to calculate the areas of the shapes. When they have the area computed, they must follow the path that includes the shape with the biggest area. They will continue in this manner until they have finished the maze. There are several endings to the maze. Students will have to state which ending they used.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Your job, if you choose to accept, is to make it through the maze. Begin by the words “Start Here.” Wherever there is a split, you must take the path with the shape that has the biggest area. It is your job to get the correct measurements of each shape in order to find its true area. You may use the ruler provided. Please measure to the nearest tenth of a centimeter. Each shape has a letter that matches another; those two shapes are the ones to be compared. Follow in this manner until you get to the end of the maze. Be sure to note which finish line you end up on.On this worksheet, you must show all of your work for each shape you measure. You may label them by their letter and color. Also, please note which finish line you have followed. If you need more paper, staple any additional sheets on the back of this worksheet.

TIME: This maze should take approximately 15-20 minutes for the students to complete in total.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: There was no special construction.

CREDIT: Completion of the bulletin is totally optional. Students will receive extra credit for completing the maze. However, they must show all of their work and find the right ending for all of the extra credit possible.