by Ken Eicheldinger

7th or 8th Grade
General Math


Ken Eicheldinger
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TITLE: The Stock Market Challenge

SUBJECT: 7th or 8th Grade General Math

TOPIC: Students calculate the value of stocks, profit, percentage increase/decrease for a small stock portfolio and display the growth or decline of the portfolio values on a bulletin board line graph.

INTERACTIVITY: Students will interact with the bulletin board on a daily basis. This will serve as the focal point of their daily portfolio value. Students will chart their portfolio value with a line chart and post a daily Stock Portfolio Report.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The "Stock Market Challenge" would be the culminating activity for an extended lesson on the stock market. Students would be separated into small teams of portfolio managers. Ideally, four or five students would be appropriate for the team size. These teams will decide on a team name and design a team logo. Each team of portfolio managers will have an imaginary $5,000 to invest in the stock market (maximum of 5 stocks). Based upon their research, portfolio manager teams will select stocks that they believe will increase over the course of the Stock Market Challenge. Each member of the portfolio manager team will be responsible for updating the performance chart and the Portfolio Stock Report (see attached worksheet) for one week at a time. For example, you have five students on a team, the Stock Market Challenge will last five weeks and each member of the team, for one week will update the bulletin board. The student responsible for the week will take the Stock Portfolio Report home, look up the closing values for their stocks and calculate the appropriate values and percentages. Then using the Stock Portfolio Report, the student will plot their portfolio value movement in the Portfolio Performance area and post their team’s Stock Portfolio Report. On Fridays, the student responsible for updating the bulletin board will present a short overview of their team’s portfolio performance.

TIME: Four to six weeks (dependent on the number of students in the class)

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Large Chart Paper: Background – use several sheets of the business section from your newspaper. Portfolio charting area - laminated 2 sheets of 14 X 22 generic chart poster board. Stock market images were obtained from Microsoft Word’s Clips Online option.

CREDIT: Students will receive regular credit for completing the Stock Market Challenge. Increase or decrease of portfolio does not effect the grade. Each student will be graded individually for the completion and accuracy of their required daily Stock Portfolio Reports as well as a written assessment that discusses their imaginary gains/losses and their observations about the stock market and their reactions to this experience.

Ken Eicheldinger