by Missy Ebling

10th Grade Geometry

Area of Rectangles, Triangles, Circles, Ellipses, Spheres, and Trapezoids

Missy Ebling
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TITLE: Falling into Area

SUBJECT: 10th grade Geometry

TOPIC: Area of rectangles, triangles, circles, ellipses, spheres, and trapezoids

INTERACTIVITY: The students will be told in class that there will be an interactive bulletin board assignment they will need to complete. I will tell them the bulletin board will be put up on Monday morning and they will need to complete the worksheet in the folder by the following Friday afternoon. When the students get to the bulletin board they will pick up the worksheet and read the directions. They will have to take the candy corn and pumpkins off the bulletin board to find the same object underneath. The candy corn pieces are broken into a triangle and two trapezoids. Under the pumpkins are circles. Each object has the proper information the students will need to find the area. The last two objects will have the area provided, but they will have to find an unknown.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Each piece of candy corn and each pumpkin on the bulletin board can be pulled off the board. When you pull the object off you will find the same object underneath. You will need to find the area of that object. Each object will have the information you need to find the area, base, height, or radius for that object. The bulletin board has a list of area formulas we learned in class. Be aware that not each area formula will be used. After each number on the worksheet provide the appropriate area formula, solve showing all work, and put the area or unknown in the blank. The objects numbered 1 to 12 will count as one point each. The objects numbered 13 to 16 will count as two points each. Therefore this assignment will count as a 20 point homework grade.

  • Remember that you may need to solve for an unknown in one or more of the objects.
  • Please hand this worksheet in to Miss Ebling by 10/13 at 3pm.

TIME: The students will need about five to ten minutes to record what they need on their worksheet. To complete the entire worksheet they will need about thirty minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I put contact paper on the candy corn and pumpkins for better durability. I used Velcro on the candy corn and pumpkins so the students can remove them to find the triangles, trapezoids, and circles. I used double sided tape to attach the small leaves.

CREDIT: The students will receive up to twenty points as a homework grade upon completion of the worksheet.

OTHER COMMENTS: See special construction.

Missy Ebling
Fall 2006