by Marty DiCicco

7th-8th Grade Math

Data Relationships

Marty DiCicco
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TITLE: Always, Sometimes, Never.

SUBJECT: This Bulletin Board can be used anywhere from late elementary to high school depending on the questions that are inserted into the pockets. For the assignment, the board will be 7th - 8th grade math.

TOPIC: This bulletin board will cover expressions, equations , real number properties, and data relationships.

INTERACTIVITY: This is a board game where students move their pieces around the board answering questions based on the color square they land on. Each time they answer correctly they get a color tile that matches the question they answered. Students need to answer two questions correctly from each color category to win the game.

DIRECTIONS: This game is designed for 1 – 3 players

  1. Pick a playing piece from green pocket.
  2. Put Piece(s) at Start in the lower left corner of the board.
  3. The players roll the die to determine who goes first, highest roll is first, lowest roll is last.
  4. The game proceeds clockwise around the board.
  5. Players roll the die and move the number of spaces on the die.
  6. If you land on a green, yellow, or white space you must answer that respective question with either Always, Sometime or Never. If you answer correctly you put the respective tile on your game piece. Players take turns playing until one player has 6 tiles 2 of each color.
  7. Special Spaces
    1. E-Z Pass and Lunch – Player takes another turn.
    2. Detention – Player loses a turn.
    3. Math Mall – Take a tile of any color and put it on your game piece. (You cannot win with Math Mall as your last tile. However the player can pick the color needed and answer the question)
    4. Homework Pass – You can pick any color question you want and if you answer correctly that color tile can be attached to your game piece.
    5. Start - Is simply a free space where you do not have to do anything.
  8. Complete the included worksheet if you want homework credit. Only one homework grade can be earned per unit.
  9. Have some fun!!!!!!

TIME: Depending on the number of players 15 – 20 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Velcro Game Pieces to stay on Board and fabric to make the board portable.

CREDIT: Winners receive a homework grade and a chance to win a free Blockbuster video coupon.

OTHER COMMENTS: Think of the game as Trivial Pursuit with Math

Marty DiCicco