by Jenna DiCarlo


Fibonacci Series

Jenna DiCarlo
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SUBJECT: Pre-Algebra, Seventh grade

TOPIC: Fibonacci Series

INTERACTIVITY: The students will receive a worksheet with clues to guide them on a Fibonacci Hunt through the forest. The worksheet will describe something in the forest, leading students to lift the appropriate flap on the bulletin board. Under the flap, information describing the relationship between the plant, animal, or insect and the Fibonacci series will be posted.

DIRECTIONS: Utilizing the clues given, find the plant, animal, or insect on the bulletin board. Lift the flap to see the relationship between the object and the Fibonacci series. Complete the Fibonacci Hunt by writing the name of the plant, animal or insect described along with a brief description of how the object is related to the Fibonacci series.

TIME: This activity should take approximately 15 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Flaps were used on the bulletin board to hide the details of each objects relationship with the Fibonacci series.

CREDIT: Completing the worksheet correctly is worth 10 extra credit points.

Jenna DiCarlo