by Jacque Cummings


Circle Graphs

Jacque Cummings
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TITLE: Laugh with Math

SUBJECT: Pre-Algebra

TOPIC: Circle Graphs

INTERACTIVITY: Students will be asked to solve several problems related to circle graphs. When students have solved all problems, they will match letters with their corresponding solutions to solve a riddle.

DIRECTIONS: Problem: Mr. Sundae asked his students to name their favorite type of ice cream when given the following choices: bubble gum, chocolate, cookie dough, rocky road, and vanilla. The results are listed on the green chart above. Mr. Sundae and his students from Banana Split Middle School need your help to analyze the data.


  1. Show all work on the worksheet. (No Work, No Extra Credit.)
  2. For the green chart, fill in the missing spaces.
    1. Find the total number of students in Mr. Sundae’s class.
    2. Find what percent of the class liked each flavor.
    3. Find the central angle for the circle graph for each flavor.
  3. For the blue chart, fill in the missing spaces.
    1. Decide which slice of the circle goes with which flavor. (A protractor is provided if you are having trouble.)
    2. On your worksheet, write the letter for the slice next to the ice cream flavor.
  4. Using the letters in the purple folder, match each letter with the solution. (For example, for the total number of students, an S will go above that answer.)
  5. The letters will reveal the answer to the joke at the top of the board.
  6. Please place all letters back in the pouch when you are finished.

TIME: 15 – 20 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: When students are asked to find the solution to the riddle, they are to place the letters into clear plastic pockets. The pockets were made from sheet protectors. This method worked best because nothing would stick to the letters that had been laminated. My top choice would have been to use magnets.

CREDIT: Students will receive extra credit, as long as all of their work is shown on the worksheet that must be handed in.

OTHER COMMENTS: If you were interested in using the same joke when constructing this bulletin board, you would need the solution to the joke.

SOLUTION: "They both like pilots."

Jacque Cummings