by Randy Chilcoat

7th Grade General Math

Finding Factors of Numbers

Randy Chilcoat
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TITLE: Mt. Factor

SUBJECT: 7th Grade General Math

TOPIC: Finding factors of numbers

INTERACTIVITY: The students will begin by choosing a white snow cap for the mountain. They then must place that snow cap on the top Velcro spot located on the mountain. There is a number written on the snow cap. Then the students must find the rocks with factors written on them. These rocks must in essence factor the number on the snow cap. Once the students fully factor a number and record their work on their worksheet they will take all the rocks and snow cap off. Then the students need to factor the additional four numbers on the other four snow caps. Each number on the snow cap will not fully fill all the Velcro spots on the mountain with rocks. The students can use the rocks more than once. The students need to make sure that each number is factored in complete form.


  1. Choose a white snow cap.
  2. Attach the snow cap to the top spot on the mountain.
  3. Search the provided rocks to find all the factors of the number on the snow cap.
  4. Attach the rocks bellow the snow cap in the proper factoring order on the mountain.
  5. Remove all the rocks and snow cap.
  6. Repeat process for the four other snow caps.
  7. Rocks can be used in the factoring of more than one snow cap.

TIME: This bulletin board should take 5-10 minutes to complete all five factorizations.

CREDIT: The students must complete bulletin board and fill out worksheet. This will be done at the end of a section on factoring right before a test. The worksheet can be completed by doing the bulletin board which will earn the students 3 extra credit points on their test.

Randy Chicloat
Fall 2006