I Scream for Ice Cream
by Abby Bloss

Algebra I

Graphing Functions and then Finding the Minimum and the Maximum

Abby Bloss
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SUBJECT: This bulletin board would be used in an 8th grade Algebra I class.

TOPIC: Graphing functions and then finding the minimum and the maximum

INTERACTIVITY: To operate the bulletin board, students will need to take their graphing calculator and graph each function written on the ice cream cone. In an ice cream dish, there will be 5 choices of a certain ice cream. On each ice cream is a graph.. The graph on each ice cream will match with one of the functions on the ice cream cone. The students will then need to place the correct ice cream with the correct function, forming a complete ice cream cone. For example, an ice cream cone may have the following function, . The student will then have to take the function and type it into the graphing calculator. The student will then look at the graph and try to find the correct ice cream in the ice cream dish.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Complete the following worksheet by matching each ice cream graph with the correct ice cream cone function. You may use a graphing calculator. Once you have all the ice creams matched with an ice cream cone, fill in the worksheet by drawing the graph with the correct function. Once the graph is drawn, you will need to find the maximum or the minimum value of the graph. When you are finished, hand the worksheet in for extra credit on the next test.

TIME: Estimated time for this activity is 5-7 minutes.

CREDIT: For completing the bulletin board, students will receive 5 bonus points on the next test.

Abby Bloss