by Tiffany Angstadt

General Math
Basic Arithmetic

Tiffany Angstadt
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TITLE: Tic-Tac-Math

SUBJECT: 6th or 7th grade general math.

TOPIC: The topic of the board is a game called 24. The students have to add, subtract, multiply, or divide four numbers to get the number twenty- four.

INTERACTIVITY: First, two students will pick a set of game pieces and take a get a worksheet out of the folder. Second, the student with the addition sign pieces will pick a square and take one card out of the pocket. Next, the student will do his/her work for solving the problem on the worksheet (in the square that represents the square he picked). If the student gets 24, then he/she will place (Velcro) his/her pick on the square he/she picked. Then, the second student will choice a square and he/she will repeat the same process as player one. The game will continue until a player gets three in a row or until there are no more squares left opened.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The objective of the game is to be the first player to get three squares in a row. The three squares can be aligned across, up, down, or on a diagonal. The game is for two players. Each player should pick a set of pieces. The player who chooses the addition game pieces will go first. Next, the player should pick a square and pick one of the cards in the pocket. Then, the player’s objective is to make the number 24 using the four numbers on the card. The player can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The player has to use all four numbers but use each number only once.

Example: If you have a card with the numbers 5, 6, 9, and 2.

5 X 6 = 30
30 ÷ 2 = 15
15 + 9 = 24

If the player gets a correct solution the student will place one of the game pieces on the square. If the player is incorrect the player should place the card back in the square’s pocket (the square will be open for the next player to pick), then it is the other player’s turn. The game will continue until all the squares are used or when a player gets three in a row.

TIME: 5 minutes to 10 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The only special construction technique used in the bulletin board is there is Velcro on the pocket of each square, the back of each piece, and on the background.

CREDIT: The bulletin board will be for extra credit. Any student who gets three in a row will get 3 extra credit points. But, every student who hands in the worksheet showing they played the game with get 3 extra credit points.

Tiffany Angstadt