by Maureen Alexander

Solving Quadratic

Maureen Alexander
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SUBJECT: Algebra

TOPIC: Solving quadratic equations through the three different methods.

INTERACTIVITY: The students will use the board as a game board. They will pull a function from the envelopes provided on the board. They must choose the function from the envelope with the correct method on the front. They will read the function to their opponent and hold it while their opponent evaluates the function. They will then check the back of the card to make sure their opponent has the correct answer. The student will take a magnet from the box holding the magnets and place it on the board by sticking them to the magnet surface. This will only be done when there is a correct answer. They must choose the correct shaped magnet to correlate with the method used to solve the equation.


  1. Students will first choose a color. They either may be purple of orange.
  2. Then they must decide who will go first.
  3. The student going first must choose a factoring method (i.e. Foil, completing the square, or the quadratic formula).
  4. The opponent takes the front function card from the envelope of the method chosen. Then they read the function to their opponent who copies it onto their worksheet.
  5. The student must now evaluate the function through the chosen method.
  6. Once an answer has been reached the student must tell it to their opponent. The opponent will then check the back of the function card to see if it is the correct answer.
  7. If the answer is correct the student may choose a magnet that correlates to the method used to solve the problem (i.e. X for factoring, Square for completing the square, and C for the quadratic formula). They are allowed to place this magnet the square of their choose on the board.
  8. If the answer is incorrect that students turn is surrendered and the next student has the chance to gain a magnet.
  9. This process continues until one student has the three shapes lined up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  10. If neither student can do this with the completion of the nine rounds then the board is cleared and these students start the game over.

TIME: Approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The use a magnets on the board as well as on the shapes for the students to manipulate.

CREDIT: The students will be allowed to play 3 different opponents. Each time a game is completed both worksheets must be turned in for 1 point each win on the next test taken in class.

OTHER COMMENTS: This activity works very much like a game of Hollywood Squares.

Maureen Alexander