by Amber Snyder

7th Grade Integrated Math

Solving Radical Equations & Simplifying Radical Expressions

Amber Snyder
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TITLE: Buzz Worthy!

SUBJECT: Seventh Grade Integrated Math

TOPIC: Solving radical equations and simplifying radical expressions

INTERACTIVITY: To operate the bulletin board, students will work through each problem clockwise (in order from question one to question six). They must move the bumble bee to the question, or flower, they are currently working on. Next, students must lift the flap on the flower to find the rational equation or expression. Then, the students will write down the rational equation or expression that they are to solve or simplify. They will be timing themselves so I can see how long they take to do all of the problems.



  1. You will work through each problem clockwise (in order from question one to question six).
  2. To start the review, you must move the bumble bee to question one.
  3. Open the flap on the flower and copy down the radical equation or expression inside.
  4. Solve or simplify the equation or expression inside.
    • Numbers 1 through 3: Simplify the rational expressions. State any restrictions on the variable.
    • Numbers 4 through 6: Solve each rational equation. Check for extraneous solutions.
  5. Move the bumble bee to the next flower and repeat steps 3 and 4. Follow step 5 until you complete all six radical equations and expressions.
  6. I want to see how busy the bee is, so time how long you take to get through all of the radical equations and expressions. Start the timer when you start the first problem, and stop the timer when you finish the last problem.
  7. Record the time on the top of the worksheet under your name.

TIME: Approximately 10 - 12 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Flaps are located in the center of each of the 6 flowers. Using construction paper, cut out a circle to create the center of the flower. Using another piece of construction paper, preferably the same color, cut out a small square. When folded in half, the square should fit inside the center of the flower. Glue one of the folded sides to the center of the flower and write, or glue, your equations or expressions inside.

CREDIT: Students will receive a half point of extra credit for every question they answer correctly on this worksheet. The extra credit will be added onto their next test grade.

OTHER COMMENTS: Each flower has a piece of Velcro glued to it. This is where the bumble bee, with Velcro on the bottom, gets moved to at the start of each new radical equation or expression. The bee is used as a marker so that the child can go right to the next question without having to figure out what question they will be on next.

Amber Snyder
Fall 2007