CSC 447 :: Artificial Intelligence I

Fall 2013


Oskars Rieksts  |OM 249 || 610-683-4404 || last name at sign KU

     Office Hours :: M:: 12-1; W:: 1-2; Th:: 2-3; Fri: 1-2 & 3-4

     Course Web Site ::



Artificial Intelligence: A Beginnerís Guide, Blay Whitby, OneWorld Publications, 2003


Artificial Intelligence: A Systemís Approach, M. Tim Jones, Jones & Bartlett, 2009


Major Grading Components:

MidTerm                        100 points

Final Exam                    100 points

Projects                          50-100 points each

Labs                               10 points each

Graded homework                   5-25 each

Quizzes                          5-25 points each

Jeffersonian Principle: All points are created equal.


Grading Scale:

      A  ::  90.0 - 100.0      ||      B  ::  80.0 - 89.9       ||      C  ::  70.0 - 79.9

      D  ::  60.0 - 69.9        ||      F  ::  00.0 - 59.9



1. Dayís Notes::

   a. On most class days the scheduled work will be posted here, with links to labs, lab reports, projects, etc.  Often it will be the basis of class lectures.

   b. It will also be a record of what we have covered, so it can be a useful resource for studying for tests and quizzes.

2. Upcoming Page::

  Tests and other important dates will be posted here.

3. Projects::

   a. Grading criteria: Correct execution, logical structure, good programming techniques, understanding of AI issues, adherence to instructions, etc.

   b. Some projects may have levels of assignment with associated levels of grade earned.

   c. Submission:

       v As specified in project assignment

       v Be prepared to demonstrate your program.

4. Labs ::

    a. There will be labs from time to time to solidify Python & programming concepts.

    b. Grade will depend on the quality of the Lab Report.

5. Quizzes ::

    a. Will cover assigned reading and/or recent class lectures.

    b. May be unannounced.

6. Email:: When sending me email, be sure to include your name and CSC447 in the message subject area.  Keep in mind, though, face to face often works better.

7. Anonymous copies of student work may be saved for accreditation purposes.