The News (Mexico)
Buenos Aires Herald
Toronto Star
Globe and Mail (Toronto)
BBC News
The Times (London)
The Guardian (UK)
Channel 4 (UK)
LeMonde (Paris--French only)
International Herald Tribune (Paris)
Germany Times
German Information Center
Africa Today
Daily Mail and Guardian
(South Africa)
The Guardian
(Lagos, Nigeria)

News Arab World
Arabic Media Internet Network
Al Ahram
Egypt Daily
Gulf News Online (United Arab Emirates)
Arab News (Saudi Arabia)
Al Jazeera (Qatar)
Ha'aretz Daily (Israel)
Jerusalem Post
Iraq Press
Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran)
Tehran Times
Syria Times
The Times of India

Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
China Daily
People's Daily
China Post (Taiwan)
Korea Herald (South Korea)
Korea Times (South Korea)
Korean News (North Korea)
Pravda (Russia)
Kyiv Post (Ukraine)
Japan Times
Manichi Daily News
Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
Jakarta Post (Indonesia)
Manila Times (Philipines)
Philipine Star
New Zealand Herald
Sydney Morning Herald (Austrailia)
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