Trips to Chincoteague, VA

When I was about 12, my family started going to Chincoteague, Va. (another site). We have gone every year since then and have always enjoyed the Wild Ponies on Assateague Island. We never wanted to fight the huge crowds to attend Pony Penning, but two years ago we found a house right where the ponies swim across, so we decided to try it "just once". Now we have been going each year during Pony Penning.

Each year at the auction, they sell a certain number that must be donated back to the island to maintain the herd size. In 1994, my mom and I decided to buy a pony in memory of my father. We purchased one that would be sent back to the island to stay there its entire life. We decided to do this because we always enjoyed seeing them run free on the island and wanted to do something so they will always be there for other people to enjoy. We named our pony Binky's Breeze because Binky was a nickname for my father.

Binky had her first foal in 1997 but we weren't there to see that one.  But once again, in 1998 we were there.  Binky had another foal (see them both).  This time my mother bought Binky's foal and brought her home.  She is now raising the foal, Salty, on her farm in York, PA.

In 2001, my step-father bought another one of Binky's foals.  Sandy lives with Salty on the farm. 

My niece also has a new foal.  This was Binky's foal once again and my brother bought her for my niece.  Her name is Rain.  She is living with Salty and Sandy until they have a home for her.  My niece is SO excited!

Here are some pictures of Pony Penning in1998
Ponies penned on Assateague

Boats waiting for the swim (a little dark)
The ponies nearing shore
Ponies beginning their walk to the fairgrounds
   (Binky is one with "94" brand)
Ponies heading for the fairgrounds
Ponies continuing to the fairgrounds

L Frye