Namibia flagGeology of an ancient porphyry copper deposit,
Karas region, Namibia

Kurt Friehauf - 2011

Namibian wildlife - part 1

Namibian wildlifeGekkos hunted insects on the walls of the buildings in camp. 
Namibian wildlifeThis plant contained a milky substance that is a strong skin irritant. 
Namibian wildlifeMilk dripping from broken stems of the poisonous plant.
Namibian wildlifeKlipspringers apparently all liked to poop in the same spot.  I wondered how long poop piles like this took to accumulate.  I imagined klipspringers waking up in the middle of the night, having to go to the bathroom, and walk all the way over to the pile just to go to the bathroom. 
Namibian wildlifeClose-up of klipspringer poops.
Namibia wildlifeThe den of an unknown creature with white bones laying around.
Namibia wildlifeSome creatures, like this little hopper bug, can be pretty well camouflaged. 

Namibia wildlifeAnother photo of the little rock hopper - perhaps a little easier to spot in this photo.
Namibia wildlifeThis beetle looks like a small round pebble.  It's easy to spot in this photo, but could be much more deceptive when in more similar pebbles.
Namibia wildlifeThis hyrax watched us from its rocky ledge. 
Namibia wildlifeSome creatures were well-camoflaged, but definitely something I wanted to be able to spot.
Namibia wildlifeIn case you missed it, this is a photo of a big, hairy scorpion about the size of the palm of your hand.  I was very surprised at how big these things got.
Namibia wildlife

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