Tembagapura, West Papua

Freeport Indonesia built a town in the high mountains for the people working at the mine, mill, and other mining-related facilities. 
A modern mining camp is much, much more than a bunch of bearded, old prospector types living in roughshod cabins.  Modern mining towns have mechanic shops for cars and trucks, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, schools, and even shopping malls. 
The town sits in a valley between steep mountains.  Thin waterfalls cascade down the slopes and make for great scenery to wake up to every morning.

Apartments in Tembagapura are nice two story affairs.  The roads between them are remarkably steep.  Toyota Forerunners account for roughly 99% of the vehicles on the property and everyone has great calves!
In addition to the fancy shopping mall, there is a small open air mall that caters more to papuans and other less wealthy workers.  The open air mall is a place to buy cigarettes, T-shirts and cheaper clothes, and betelnut (betelnut is a very popular fibrous nut that produces an alkaloid stimulant when chewed simultaneously with powdered sea shells [lime] and juniper-like twigs [wet with saliva, then dip in lime powder].  The lime neutralizes acids in your saliva and the betelnut, creating an alkaline solution that is bright red/orange and drools out of the mouth of the chewer.) 
The soccer field is a large dirt field near the field house and is heavily used.  The field gets pretty muddy because it rains very often in Tembagapura.  Some of the players are quite good and games are never called on account of rain.

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