This is my letter to a parent who wrote to ask how their son/daughter was doing in school and what they could do to improve their grades. 

Dear Parent,

University faculty are forbidden from communicating grades or other education information to the parents of college students according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Kutztown University is very strict on this point.  I'm even stricter because I will not even acknowledge whether or not a person is a college student because adult students have a right to privacy.

Here’s my advice to all Kutztown University students who are having difficulty in college courses:

source're not supposed to just hear things in lecture and then know stuff


Share the experience
You're not alone in the world

Get Help
The whole point of college is to help you learn - othewise you could just read books!


Plan your approach
Fools run blindly, headlong in the darkness... sometimes that works, but...


Assess your life goals
Maybe you're an Einstein of something else

In any case, that’s my advice.

Kurt Friehauf

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