Manuel Antonio location mapKutztown Geology 2007-2008 trip to

Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio National Park

Hike in the park and swim in the Pacific Ocean

Manuel Antonio National ParkWe started the hike on the beach, crossing a small creek.  I think all hikes in Costa Rican national parks start this way!

Manuel Antonio National ParkWe took a photo so we'd have a map of the trails while we hiked.

Manuel Antonio National ParkThis hike was not nearly as muddy, but had more vertical relief and tree hazards.

Manuel Antonio National ParkChris ultimately went native, shucking his sandals in favor of bare feet. 

Jellyfish that stung Lauren - pretty blue tentaclesThe beach at Punta Catedral (Cathedral Point) was a popular place to swim.  Aside from the very numerous hermit crabs, our only other encounter with wildlife at the beach was Lauren's run-in with this blue-tentacled jellyfish.  The sting hurt for a day, but she appears to have survived. 

Manuel Antonio National ParkThe Pacific was much warmer than I've experienced in California.  What a big difference some currents and sunlight makes!

Manuel Antonio National ParkThe hermit crabs battled one another over the crumbs that fell in the sand when we ate lunch.  They seemed to much prefer battling one another over a single crumb rather than picking up their own crumbs an inch away.  Watching them made me think of people. 

giant bamboo - Manuel Antonio National ParkWe had no idea that bamboo could grow so big! 

studying pebbles on beach near Manuel Antonio National ParkThe beach near the entrance to the park had zones of coarser pebbles,  bits of coral, and snail shells.  Beach sediment is a cornucopia for geologists!

studying pebbles near Manuel Antonio National ParkThe coarse zones differed in pebble content, so we studied several zones.

buying souvenirs near Manuel Antonio National ParkSouvenir sellers were keen to display their wares to us.  They drove hard bargains, but prices were negotiable.  Manuel Antonio is built up for fairly wealthy tourists, so these salesmen were pretty stiff on their prices.

Soda Sanchez - best restaurant in Quepos! Manuel Antonio National ParkSoda Sanchez - my favorite restaurant in Costa Rica.  For $3, the Casado meal was the best I had anywhere and the servers were friendly!

Zip line tour of the tree canopy

exhausted after Manuel Antonio National Park(need a photo for this part)

exhausted after Manuel Antonio National ParkAfter several days of swimming in the surf, hiking through the jungle, and general excitement, we were all in need of rest on the drive back to San José.  I suppose this photo could easily also be everyone singing soulful songs to the swaying of the bus on winding mountain roads!

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