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Costa Rica
Cahuita National Park

Playa Negra (Black Beach)

Cahuita National ParkThis was the beach next to our hotel.  Again, the rocks exposed on the beach are old coral reefs. 

Cahuita National ParkThe Playa Negra is really more of a dark, chocolate brown than truly black.  Some layers exposed where currents cut deeper channels into the sand are much darker than others. The sand is very fine shell and coral content is low.  I wonder how much of its composition is affected by runoff from erosion of the banana plantations west of Port Limon.

Cahuita National ParkDave was a great tree climber - a skill he used to his advantage in getting excellent photographs of sloths and other arboreal wildlife.

Playa Blanca (White Beach)

The Playa Blanca is white with sand made from broken bits of coral mixed with silicate sand grains. 

Swimming in the Caribbean surf

Cahuita National ParkThe waves were warm and great fun to jump through.  The seawater is considerably warmer than most swimming pools, although not so warm as hot tubs. 

Cahuita National ParkOnly Chris figured out how to body surf well.  The rest of us just enjoyed jumping through and/or over the crashing, curling waves. 

Hike in Cahuita National Park

The park has an excellent trail out to two points (Punta Cahuita and Punta Vargas).  We saw a lot of wildlife on this hike, including:
Blue Morpho butterflies
Owl butterflies
Postman butterflies
Leaf cutter ants
Hermit crabs
Wooly opossum
Mantled Howler monkeys
Hercules beetle
Capuchin monkeys
Eyelash Palm Pit Viper
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