Kurt's China photos - Hohhot (Hohaohete)- Summer 2004

Beijing railway stationTrain station in Beijing
lunch in HohhotHere's a sampling of the things we had for dinner in Hohhot (note also the fish in the middle of the table).
Hohhot lunch
Fried meat, etc.
Hohhot lunch
Smoked Tofu - definitely not my kind of thing!!!
Hohhot lunch
Cold pork with onion like vegetable
Hohhot lunch
Ever popular pickled vegetable
Hohhot lunch
Pickled beans
Hohhot lunch
Corn, potatoes, and ... stuff
Hohhot lunch
Noodles with fatty pork meat.  It looks slimy, but it's actually pretty good!
Hohhot lunch

head of Mongolian SurveyChen boshi - the highly respected head of the Inner Mongolian Geological Survey.  He was our host in Hohhot.  He's a really great and friendly guy.  I gave a three hour long lecture about porphyry copper deposits here with Fei HongCai's assistance as translator.  The Inner Mongolian survey geologists were extraordinarily attentive to such a long and specialized talk given in a foreign language that few understand.

drive west of Hohhotdrive west of HohhotOn the drive from Hohhot to Bayan Obo, we passed through some scenic mountains with aluvium-filled valleys.  I'm always impressed by seeing rivers of gravel like this and think about the sand castles I built as a child that quickly "dissolved" when water rained down upon them. 
drive west of HohhotThe rivers of gravel are incredible!
west of Hohhotwest of HohhotVillages along the road to Bayan Obo from Hohhot mostly looked something like this.  I wondered what these people did for a living - herding?
west of Hohhotwest of HohhotVery recent, rapid downcutting erosion caught my eye a lot, as well as slumping.  I wondered if this was the result of recent uplift (in which case, I ask why?  What's driving that?) or recent climate change. 
Mongolian yerts west of HohhotYurts (or gers) along the road.  Yurts are the traditional portable housing of Mongolian people.  Bayan Obo and Hohhot are in Inner Mongolia, which is an Autonomous Region in China.  The country just north of the border is the country of Mongolia, formerly known as Outer Mongolia.
Zach, Xiao boshi, and Fei HongcaiZach, Xiao bóshì, and Fei along the road to Bayan Obo.
lunchlunchDelicious mushroom soup we had at a small restaurant in a small town along the way.
Hohhot workers restingWorkers resting after installing beautiful granite curbs.  I love how the Chinese use real stone so frequently - it's something I wish we did here in the United States, but I'm not holding my breath. 
Hohhot scaffoldingThis was an amazing scaffolding built between two buildings.  I don't know what they were making, but they sure were set to go!
train ride home to BeijingThe train ride back from Hohhot to Beijing had some nice scenery.  I'm amazed at how many beautiful places there are in the world!
sleeper carWe rode the sleeping car back to Beijing.  It was surprisingly comfortable, but I'm not saying I would want to sleep in a bed like this every night!

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