Hénán molybdenum project - Bĕijīng tourism photos

Kurt Friehauf - 2008

Bĕijīng Paleontology Museum
Great Wall of China - Bādálĭng
Tiāntán (Temple of Heaven)
Summer Palace
Forbidden City
Tai Chi lessons from Lu Beibei
Xīnjiāng-style dinner with Wang bóshì (of the China University of Mining and Technology)
Special dinner with Xiao Ping
Funny brand name

Bĕijīng Paleontology Museum

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThere's a great life-sized dinosaur model outside the museum.  Having "meat and skin on the bones" with a full sized dinosaur gives visitors a fun feeling that these creatures actually lived and walked around like we do. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosLauren was wearing her Kutztown University Geology Club t-shirt with a cave bear design that day.  The museum had a cave bear skeleton on display in a very similar pose. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThis T-Rex skull was posed near the second floor mezzanine with the feet of the skeleton at the ground level.  They had several great displays like this that give visitors a feel for how big these creatures were. 

Great Wall of China (万里长城) - Bādálĭng (八达岭)

Friehauf - China 2008 photosIt was a hazy day on the Great Wall (万里长城), but a great day.  Lu Beibei gave us a tour.  Hiking the Great Wall is aerobic exercise!

Friehauf - China 2008 photosLooking down one of the steep stairways along the Great Wall.  The steps can be slippery because they've been worn smooth by many thousands of tourists (and Imperial Guards many years ago?)
Bring water when you go because you'll work up a thirst and the price of bottled water at the top is steeper than the climb up!

Friehauf - China 2008 photosHundreds of visitors on the wall - the Wall at Bādálĭng (八达岭) is one of the most visited sections of its entire 5500 mile (8850 km) length.

Friehauf - China 2008 photosSafety is always a concern when taking students on trips like this. (sigh) .

Tiāntán (Temple of Heaven)

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThe Temple of Heaven (天坛) is a nice place to spend an afternoon.  The Temple is impressive, but I like the park as much as I do the Temple because there are so many interesting people. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosStromatolite fossils in the limestone used for the steps. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosAutomobiles may be growing in popularity in Bĕijīng, and the roads may be packed, but bicycles are still an important mode of transportation in China. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThere are many performers in Tiāntán Park - some play instruments, some sing opera, some dance, etc.  These two gentlemen are playing èrhú (二胡 = er = two, so "two string" violins). 
Unlike western violins, the bow is strung between the two strings. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThe Friehauf - China 2008 photosèrhú players were kind enough to let Lauren and Anthony try playing a bit.  Anthony plays western violin, so this was a nice treat for him!

Summer Palace

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThe Summer Palace (颐和园) is a great place to cool off on a hot day because wind blows over the large, hand-dug lake, creating an evaporative cooling effect.

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThe buildings at the Summer Palace are brilliantly painted with intricate designs like this.  The time involved with all of this is staggering. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosLauren with three of Huang Wen Hui bóshì's students resting by the lake. 

Forbidden City

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThe Emperor's palace (Zǐjinchéng = 紫禁城) is a huge complex called the Forbidden City.  It was a hazy day when we visited this year.  This is the view from Tiān'ānmén Square (天安门广场) looking toward the main entrance to the Forbidden City. 

Tai Chi lessons from Lu Beibei

Friehauf - China 2008 photosGraduate student Lu Beibei sidelines as a tai chi chuan instructor.  She very graciously gave the three of us tàijíquán (太极拳) lessons during our stay in Bĕijīng.  She is a great teacher - very patient, very supportive, very attentive to detail, and very unwilling to overlook mistakes. 

Xīnjiāng-style dinner with Wang bóshì (of the China University of Mining and Technology - Zhongguo Kuangye Dàxué - 中国矿业大学)

Friehauf - China 2008 photosWang bóshì (of the China University of Mining and Technology - Zhongguo Kuangye Dàxué - 中国矿业大学) is Xiao Ping's academic advisor in China.  He's an expert in petroleum and coal - fields of great interest to me, but not my primary specialty.  He honored us with a great dinner at a restaurant specializing in Xīnjiāng (新疆) food.  There were dancers from Xīnjiāng there, as well.

Friehauf - China 2008 photosXiao Ping, Wang bóshì, and I at dinner.  Wang bóshì is a very good guy.  If he was an ore deposits geologist like me, I'd be happy to do research with him!

Friehauf - China 2008 photosXīnjiāng dancers with Lauren, Anthony, and me after dancing together.  I spoke with the dancers after the show on the street in front of the restaurant after their shift.  They were in their regular modern clothes and would have blended in with almost any group of college kids in China or the U.S.  Xiao Ping translated for me.  Dancing in Bĕijīng was their big break (Xīnjiāng is a poor place.)

Friehauf - China 2008 photosLauren for scale with a nice Rapakivi textured granite used for dimension stone facing of the restaurant. 

Special dinner with Xiao Ping

Friehauf - China 2008 photosXiao Ping treated us to a special traditional dinner at a restaurant done up in the style of her hometown.  Chinese people can be remarkably generous and Xiao Ping is definitely an example of that virtue. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photos
Anthony and Xiao Ping
Anthony became very adept at the use of chopsticks. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosDelicious, authentic Chinese food - different from what we get in the U.S. and a treat every time!

Funny brand name

Friehauf - China 2008 photosBimbo brand bread - probably wouldn't be a great seller here in the U.S.  This photo is a study in contrast because Lauren is definitely the opposite of a bimbo - she is very smart!!

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