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China University of Geosciences (CUG-B 中国地质大学) photos

Kurt Friehauf - 2008

Friehauf - China 2008 photosI teach a class at CUG-B (中国地质大学) each summer.  I bought t-shirts for all of my students in the class.  The design on the front states "China University of Geosciences - Origin of Metallic Mineral Deposits" and has a graphic summarizing the geology of porphyry-related ore deposits.

Chinese is an interesting language.  The word-for-word translation of 中国地质大学 would be something like:
中 - Middle
国 - Country
地质 - Geology
大 - Big
学 - School.

"Middle Country" is their name for China
"Big School" is their word for University.

Friehauf - China 2008 photosEveryone was supposed to make a funny face in this picture, but apparently I'm the only one who wasn't in on the joke.  :-) 
These classes are a lot of fun because the students have great attitudes. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosThese were the top students in the class.  I award the top students with some sort of prize at the end of each class.  I bought nice geologic maps of China for the top students one year.  This year's prizes were English language geology books. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosI take the class on a field trip to look at the great rocks around their campus.  Many are similar to rocks related to ore deposits, so we practice rock identification and description, then discuss the potential links to ore deposits. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosBeautifully developed concentric crystallization in a granite.  The light and dark layers differ in their mineral composition.  The right side of the boulder is darker because I dumped a bottle of water on it to highlight the rock textures. 

Friehauf - China 2008 photosDinner with the big guy - Dr. Greg Davis - and wonderful Yaming.  Greg is a true icon in the geologic community.  Yaming, his wife, is well-known opera singer and a great spirit.  Greg first introduced me to the Chinese geologic community and made all of my work in China possible. 

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