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about John Carelli...

John Carelli holds B.A. and B.S. degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering, respectively, from Rutgers University, as well as M.A., M.S.E., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.

Before joining Kutztown University in 2016, Dr. Carelli worked for Bell Laboratories and related companies for over three decades in the area of integrated circuit design. His circuit design credits include contributions to VLSI integrated circuits for both mobile phone and network communication applications. In addition, he worked on the development of specialized CAD software tools and libraries for IC design and verification, primarily in the area of circuit simulation and modeling. He has prior-career publications in the areas of surface physics and VLSI design and holds patents in circuit design and modeling.

Dr. Carelli's current research is in computer-music, particularly as it applies to singing. He has recent publications in this area as well as in the academic assessment processes.

Research Interests

John Carelli has an active research interest in the area of computer music, in particular as it relates to singing. As a classically trained tenor who has had opportunity to perform in a variety of venues and styles (a recording can be heard here), it is, perhaps, not surpising that this avocation would become an area of research as well.

Dr. Carelli's recent work has revolved around the development of a computer application, and related physical hardware, that can be used as a voice-driven musical instrument. The instrument allows a singer to "play" a sampled musical instrument, like a trombone or trumpet, by having the sampled instrument follow a melody line as it is being sung. (Pre-recorded "samples" of the "real" instrument are stored and played in a computer, much like a digital piano). This is done in real time, so the instrument can be used in a live performance. Follow-on research involved developing algorithms and models, which have been implemented in the instrument, to pitch correct the singer, also during live performance.

A second area of investigation has been in education, revolving specifically around the development of methodologies for the assessment of student learning. This work is related to the pursuit of ABET accreditation by KU's Computer Science and Information Technology Department, which Dr. Carelli participated in. The department received first-time accreditation in the summer of 2020.

Academic Publications and Presentations

Below is a list of Dr. Carelli's academic publications and presentations since joining Kutztown University. (Click here for a list of Dr. Carelli's patents and publications prior to joining Kutztown University.)