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Last Reviewed April 30, 2009
Chemistry Web Manager

One of the experiments we sometimes perform in our introduction to chemistry course involves the chemistry of fabric dyeing. We use Procion MX dyes from Dharma Trading Company. Information regarding the chemistry involved with this process can be found in the following reference:
Bonneau, M. C. J. Chem. Educ. 1995, 72(8), 724.

Basic instructions for dying fabric can be found here, but instructions on how to tie are absent. The following links should help you get some idea of how to go about the process of folding and dying to acheive your desired result.
Paula Birch explains how to tie and dye.
The Mendels site also contains information regarding Procion MX Dyes and has instructions on dyeing from squeeze bottles.
Text version of how to dye from the Grateful Dead discussion list

If you want to pick up a reference book:
Tie Dye! The How-To Book
by Virginia Gleser

Tie Dye Links