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A Salute to the Italians
 with Franco Antonetti, Angela Scanzello, & B. Amore

Coming Monday, Sept. 26, 2005 to Kutztown University

1pm - I Wouldn't Die  Franco Antonetti

Mr. Antonetti will speak in the Rohrbach Library's Voices & Choices Gallery (opposite Rm. 208)

Mr. Antonetti will discuss his life experiences as presented in his new book: I wouldn't die.  For more information see Mr. Antonetti's web site

“I Wouldn’t Die: A Memoir” is the dramatically titled autobiography of a man who survived incredible hardships and personal risks in the course of his life time. A miraculous story of survival, tracing his life from Rome, Italy to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.  

I WOULDN’T DIE tells of the journey from childhood to fatherhood, of living through wars and watching history unfold, and striving to do one’s best in a demanding world. An inspirational life story written in down-to-earth prose that inexorably draws the reader in.” 
-The Midwestern Book Review

2pm - Prisoners Among Us  A. Scanzello

Angela Scanzello will speak in the Rohrbach Library's Voices & Choices Gallery (opposite Rm. 208)

After viewing a portion of the video "Prisoners Among us", KU Professor Emeritus Angela Scanzello will lead a discussion on Italian American detention during WWII.   

3pm - Thread of Life  B. Amore

Ms. Amore will present in the Alumni Auditorium (Rm. 183) in the Student Union Building

Ms. Amore, an Italian-American artist and sculptor, will present a slide presentation on Italian immigration to America: a woman's perspective.  Ms. Amore has recently exhibited her art at the Tenement Museum, NYC, Ellis Island, Godwin Ternbach Museum in Queens - all exhibits focused on the themes of immigration and diversity. She resides in Castleton, Vermont and her studio is in New York City. 

For more information on this event contact see the flyer1, flyer2, or contact:

Michael A. Weber
Technical Services Librarian
Rohrbach Library
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kutztown, PA  19560


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