Charlestown Cemetery Results

Heather Willever and Laura Sherrod - 2017

Geophysical investigations were performed to provide subsurface images using a 400MHz GSSI SIR 3000 GPR system and a Geometrics G-858 magnetometer in gradiometer mode.  Lines were spaced at 0.5m to provide complete coverage of the survey area.  The GPR profiles show an anomalous response near the location of the suspected mass burial (right) and another anomalous response in the northwestern portion of the survey area (below, right).  The magnetometer reponses show multiple clusters of small magnetic anomalies.  Of particular interest at this site, are the anomalies located in the northeastern corner as these may be caused by foundation stones of a church which was located on the site in the 1700s.

GPR profile of the survey area near the location of the suspected mass burial.

Magnetometer results showing a cluster of small anomalies near the presumed location of the church. 


GPR profile showing large anomalous feature in the northwestern portion of the survey area.


Memorial plaques on site Kyle Slane operates the GPR Breezy McCardle speaks to the historical society representatives.  
Beau Haag operates the magnetometer. Jenna Ruoss operates the GPR during the second survey. Quinn Kaufmann operates the magnetometer during the second survey.  
Results published in Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, December 2020
Charlestown Cemetery
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