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Voices and Choices Center
Rohrbach Library   •   610-683-4766


Ongoing at Rohrbach

Rorhbach Library houses a collection of woodblock prints by ASARO (Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca), a collective of young Mexican artists. The prints were collected by KU Prof. Kevin McCloskey for a Voices and Choices gallery exhibition in 2007. The prints have since traveled for exhibitions at universities and galleries nationwide, including Chicago, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Athens, OH
Ongoing - 2nd Floor Quiet Area

Letters to Dr. Dornish
A delightful sampling of letters from the Dornish archives,  featuring correspondence with notable children's authors that includes one-of-a-kind artworks
Ongoing - 2nd Floor Quiet Area

Dornish Collection
Dr. J. Robert Dornish's gifts to the library comprise a dazzling collection of autographed posters and volumes, many of them enduring classics of children's literature
Ongoing - 1st Floor and Archives

Hummel Figurines
The Elizabeth B. Skeath Collection contains dozens of the prized porcelain pieces, all based on drawings by German nun Maria Innocentia (Berta) Hummel
Ongoing - 2nd Floor Quiet Area

John Updike
An assortment of first editions and signed copies by the titan of modern-day letters who spent his early years in Shillington, Berks County
Ongoing - 2nd Floor Quiet Area

Former Dean of Library Services Dr. Margaret K. "Peggy" Devlin donated this amusing panoply of tea vessels from around the world
Ongoing - 1st Floor Café Area

Chambliss Medals
The prestigious awards for faculty and student achievement are named for Prof. Emeritus and numismatist Dr. Carlson Chambliss
Ongoing - 1st Floor foyer

Russian and Slavic Artifacts
Assembled by longtime RL staffer Shari Bromfield, this display highlights some truly historic curiosities of Eastern Europe
Ongoing - 2nd Floor Quiet Area

2009-2010 Events

La Catrina, by Posada
Day of the Dead

Skeletons took over the lobby and the second floor in this colorful exhibit
October - November, 2009



As the 2009-2010 school year drew to a close,
VCC Events included:

Installation by visual artist Meghan Smith: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

 Meghan Smith book arts installation in First Floor stacks


Voices and Choices Center
History of the VCC with an archive of 2004-2008 events and resources

Rohrbach Library

VCC contacts


2009-2010 Events, cont.

Me identifico
Dominican-Haitian-American painter Judelka Florival's thought-provoking oils: dark yet colorful, contemplative yet spontaneous
September - December, 2009

The Irish in America: A Living Musical Tradition
Librarian Stephanie Steely, a lifelong lover of Irish music, assembled an exhibit to celebrate the Kutztown appearance of the legendary group Cherish the Ladies
January, 2010

Thumbnail of exhibit poster; click to see full-size poster
Believe, Achieve, Succeed

A Black History Month art exhibit by Edward Terrell and Rohan Cambridge
February, 2010

Anna Zalewski: Paintings
The life-affirming work of a young Polish artist in the library's Second Floor Gallery
March through April, 2010
WEBSITE of Zalewski (external site)


2008-2009 Events

The Negro Leagues Paintings
Portraits by Elise Dodeles; talks by historians Dr. Lawrence Hogan, Dr. Bob Allen, and former NY Black Yankees pitcher Bob Scott
Fall/Winter 2008-2009


The Past, the Present, and the Future  
Art and appearances by noted public artists, arts educators, and activists Edward Terrell and Chad Cortez Everett
February 2009
    PROFILE of Ed Terrell (external site)

My Voice, My Choice
Paintings by Michelle Myounghee Kim. Read about her on the library's blog
January - May 1, 2009


Singin' in the Stacks!
Doug Andrews, Wyoming singer/songwriter, performed a rousing set at Rohrbach
April 2009 

POSTER    MUSIC of Doug Andrews (external site)

Submarines, Suspended
An installation of dozens of dangling submarines by recent KU Fine Arts grad Scott Porcelli intrigued visitors to the library's second floor quiet area  

"Where could one find greater solitude or silence, Professor?" replied Captain Nemo.  
- Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 
April-June, 2009

Wyoming to the West
A tribute to the Equality State, from the library's Map Collection and the  personal collection of Claire Andrews
Spring - Summer, 2009

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