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If you haven't taken one of the surveys on telehealth yet, please:

Click here to take open sample telehealth survey
(if you were simply told about the survey, or given a link to this website.)

Click here to take the controlled sample telehealth survey
          (if you have been given a control code for the controlled sample survey
either in email, fax, or the paper survey.)

This survey is supported, in part, by a grant from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, a legislative agency of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

We are also grateful to the following organizations who have distributed our survey link to their members and encouraged them to add their voices to the opinions which will be shared with the Pennsylvania General Assembly so that legislators may make better-informed decisions about telehealth in Pennsylvania.


The Medical Assistance Health Information Technology Initiative)


In February of 2012, Dr. CJ Rhoads of Kutztown University started working on a one year project to study telehealth (using technology to provide healthcare over long distances) in Pennsylvania.
There are three different aspects of this research on the subject of telehealth. One survey is being sent in the postal mail to a randomly selected list of physicians who have been chosen to represent physicians (though it can also be taken on-line here through the link above, but only by those who have been given a control code). The controlled sample survey is designed to help us determine how much, if any, telehealth is going on in Pennsylvania, and what physicians think about it.

Another survey, one being widely distributed through email and medical trade associations, will help us with the second aspect of the research. We are interested in the opinions of anyone in the medical profession including doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, office staff in hospitals and doctor's offices, hospital administrators, teachers in medical schools, and technicians who work with telehealth implementations. This survey is designed to find out how effective telehealth is, and what different medical professionals think about it.

The third aspect of the research is estimating the cost impact of telehealth. We are analyzing the cost effectiveness research to answer the third question. Dr. Rhoads is leading a team of people (Gary Bankston and Justin Roach among others) who are working on this research.

If you've already taken the survey, thanks! We really appreciate your willingness to take part in our survey and share your experiences and opinions about Telehealth.

If you are interested in receiving the results of the survey, feel free to contact Dr. CJ Rhoads.

  • Her University office is deFrancesco 204F, Business Administration, College of Business, PO Box 730, Kutztown PA 19530
  • Her University phone number is 610-683-4703
  • The Business Administration department office staff is Donna Delong at 610-683-4580
  • Her University email address is Rhoads[at]Kutztown.edu (Replace the [at] with the @ symbol.)
  • Her HPL Consortium, Inc. business office address is PO Box 564, Douglassville, PA 19518
  • Her business phone number is 484-332-3331, and Stella Deeble is the office manager.
  • Stella's email address is Stella [at] HPLConsortium.com






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