Dr. CJ  Rhoads has been studying Taijiquan for over twenty years. Rhoads has studied with the following teachers (in alphabetical order) each between four and ten years: Betsy Chapman, Sara Gellhorn, Janet Louise, Rick Marth, and Maggie Newman, Yang Yang.


She has also traveled extensively to attend Taijiquan workshops and camps with some of the world's foremost experts including (in alphabetical order): Li Deyin, Ben Lo, Nick Gracenin, Ma Hailong, Yang Jwing Ming, Wolf Lowenthal, Zeng Nailiang, Bill Phillips, Jou Tsung Hwa, Peter Warr , Wu Wenhan, Wu Kwong Yu , Sun Yongtian, Cheng Xianhao, Yang Zhenduo,  Chen Zhenglei.  She presented academic papers at the International Taijiquan Forum in Canada in 2006, and at the International Taijiquan Symposium in Nashville, Tennesee in 2009. Many of her articles on health, Taijiquan, martial arts and leadership have been published in over a dozen journals and magazines including Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Journal of Chinese Martial Arts, Taijiquan Journal, and Journal of Martial Arts and Healing. She has incorporated many of the lessons she learned through Taijiquan into her business and personal life.

Rhoads is one of the founding members of the Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization , a worldwide virtual organization of health and martial arts players which advocates spreading the health benefits of integrative health practices such as Qigong and Taijiquan to everyone. She is also the developer of Pacem In Vita, a leadership and self-development curriculum for children and adults based upon the principles of Taijiquan.

She was named Martial Arts Promoter of the Year and inducted to the Hall of Fame by the United Fellowship of Martial Artists at the inaugural Awards Banquet on March 6, 2010 in Philadelphia, PA, and can often be found organizing some Taiji or Martial Arts Health event somewhere.

Rhoads has firsthand experience regarding the transforming powers of the gentle art of Taiji. She was in a devastating car accident in 2002. In 2004 she was told by doctors in 2004 that she had gotten "as good as she was gonna get" but was still in severe pain and could not work a full day. Just a few years later, with the help of a team of doctors and pain management specialists, and through a combination of taijiquan, pilates, daily exercise, good nutrition, massage, myofascial release, and behavioral cognitive therapy, she was able to mitigate her injuries. She was not only able to return to work, but was able to exceed all expectations. She was named one of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business in 2009, and was awarded the Athena Leadership Award in 2011. (Rhoads is the CEO and Founder of ETM Associates, Inc., a consulting firm helping companies with enterprise, technology, and management issues). She also authored over 150 articles, 6 books, and edited 12 others in her bestselling series "The Entrepreneur's Guide To..." by Praeger Publishing.

In 2002, Rhoads competed in Winchester Virginia and in Périgeux France, losing badly to a tiny elderly Chinese woman from the Bronx. In 2009 she competed in the International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament circuit, taking multiple Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in Florida and Washington DC. She was named the National Champion and Gold Medal winner in Female Push Hands in October 2009 [admittedly because no one else in her weight class showed up to compete ;->]. She explored her schizophrenic relationship with competition in her 2001 article "To Compete, or Not To Compete: That is the Question!".

Rhoads is a professional member of the National Qigong Association, and Chair of the NQA Research and Education Committee. She is certified at the Instructor II level by the Canadian Taijiquan Federation , a member of the United Fellowship of Martial Artists and the Yang Family Tai chi chuan Association . She is also working on certification in the Chen-style Evidence Based Taiji form of Dr. Yang Yang from the Center for Taiji Studies.