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 Fall 2012 classes



Spanish Language Exercises:

  • Self-check and Instructor-check activities developed by Juan Ramon de Arana, Ursinus College.  Can be e-mailed to your instructor, but remember to un-check the box marked "I am a student at Ursinus College"
  • Complete grammar explanations with "printer-friendly pages", Self-check activities, and tests to be submitted to your instructor via e-mail.  This Study Spanish Tutorial currently only covers grammar topics normally addressed in Elementary Spanish courses.  Go to the homepage and click on "tutorial" to get started.

Cooking - Do you know that a "tortilla" in Mexico is different from a "tortilla" in Spain?  Learn about "tortillas" and more in these sites that feature recipes from Mexico and Spain.

Spanish in the U.S. - Information resources on Spanish language and Hispanic culture and people in the U.S.

Latin World - Bilingual site (Spanish/English) with information on a variety of topics related to Spain and Latin America, including travel, arts and the environment.  Also includes a bilingual search engine.

Panorama Cultural - Well-organized and detailed site inviting you to take a (virtual) trip to the diverse countries of the Spanish speaking world.  In Spanish, with links to other sites (also in Spanish).

Reference Pages:

  • Get the latest news from a large selection of newspapers around the globe from this on-line newspaper reference.
  • Don't know where Bolivia is?  Trying to find the capital of Puerto Rico?  You'll find everything you need and more in this handy map reference!
  • This website offers an excellent collection of Spanish words with their English translation and has links to various other resources to help students learn Spanish, along with other widgets, like the word of the day and a dedicated Spanish Quiz:
  • Can't remember the imperfect subjunctive form of saber?  Find the complete verbal paradigm for virtually any verb using this online verb conjugation reference.  

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