Introduction to Mathematics
Math 017

This page contains links to the worksheets (homework) for Math 017, Spring 2018:

1.       Worksheet 1                        

2.       Worksheet 2                

3.       Worksheet 3                        

4.       Worksheet 4                

5.       Worksheet 5                      

6.       Worksheet 6                        

7.       Worksheet 7                

8.       Worksheet 8                      




This page contains links to the worksheets (homework) for Math 017, Spring 2017:

1.       Worksheet 1                 Deductive Reasoning: Truth Tables   [PDF]        

2.       Worksheet 2                 Basic Sets   [PDF]        

3.       Worksheet 3                 Venn Diagrammes and Basic Sets     [PDF]        

4.       Worksheet 4                 Quantification   [PDF]        

5.       Worksheet 5                 Cardinality and Application to Surveys   [PDF]        


This page contains links to the worksheets (homework) for Math 017, Fall 2009. If a student has missed class or wishes an extra copy of a worksheet he may download the following worksheets [note: in HTML, DOC, or PDF form]:

0.       Worksheet 0                    Inductive Reasoning   [PDF]        

1.       Worksheet 1                 Deductive Reasoning: Truth Tables   [PDF]        

2A.        Worksheet 2              Deductive Reasoning: More Truth Tables   [PDF]              

2B.     Worksheet 2B                Logic: Main Connectives and Logical Equivalence   [PDF]         

2C.     Worksheet 2C                Logic and Set Theory   [PDF]         

3A.   Worksheet 3A           Sets     [PDF]     

3AAA.     Worksheet 3AAA           Sets, Venn Diagrammes, and Surveys     [PDF]     

3AA.     Worksheet 3AA           Euler Circles and Syllogisms As Opposed to Truth Tables and Arguments     [PDF]     

3B.     Worksheet 3B           Multiple Choice Type Questions in Logic and Set Theory     [PDF]     

3C.     Worksheet 3C           Set Theory Venn Diagrammes    [PDF]     

4A.     Worksheet 4A Quantification I:  Quantification Translations     [PDF]     

4 1/2.   Worksheet 4.5:  Introduction to Probability          [PDF]             

4 3/4.   Worksheet 4.75:  A Further Introduction to Probability          [PDF]             

5A.         Worksheet 5A:  Combinatorics          [PDF]      

5B.         Worksheet 5B:  Combinatorics          [PDF]      

6.        Worksheet 6       Combinatorics    [PDF]       

7.         Worksheet 7      Probability     [PDF]             

7 1/2 .    Worksheet 7 1/2      More Probability     [PDF]             

8.         Worksheet 8: Probability                [PDF]      

8 1/2.         Worksheet 8 1/2: Probability                [PDF]      

9.         Worksheet 9           [PDF]                


Some people have copies of Microsoft Word that have support for mathematical symbols in the form of having Word with Equation Editor 3.0 or above which should suffice.  The types of mathematical symbols that need to be supported are the fonts ‘Symbol,’ ‘Euclid,’ ‘Euclid Math One,’ and ‘Euclid Math Two.’ 
       For reading documents in DOC or HTML form I highly recommend one download a copy of Design Science’s MathType5 which is available at  and install it (the evaluation copy will then become MathType5 Light which has all the fonts you need for reading the manuscripts or printing out the documents with correct mathematical notation.

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