Dr. Jason Lanter


My research interests stem from Social Identity Theory and encompass three areas:

academic identity and motivation in college students

Why are students attending college? What motivates them to succeed academically? How might intellectual curiosity, or an academic sense of self, influence how a student approaches education? These are some of the questions that drive this line of research for me.

attitudes and behaviors of sport fans
How does a fan’s sense of identity with a team impact their perceptions? their behaviors? Are there differing perceptions of how fellow or rival fans act? I investigated many of these topics, as well as how the sport fan identity impacts participation in celebratory violence and views of the Penn State scandal.

social construction of gender roles
How is the male role socially constructed? How does it differ from the female social role? Which gender has more flexibility in their social roles? I am intrigued about if/how the roles have changed and want to address the pressures each gender faces in society.

I presented my work at many conferences including the Midwestern Psychological Association, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. My knowledge about sports and intercollegiate athletics has allowed to become a vocal critic and provide interviews for many media outlets, including National Public Radio, the New York Times, and TIME magazine. You can view my Curriculum Vita for more detailed information about my professional work.