Dr. Jason Lanter


My quick life storyjj
Let's see... what can I say that's important about my background. I was born in Danville, Illinois, lived in England for two years, moved with my family to Binghamton, New York before I started high school, lived in Maryland while going to graduate school, then more graduate school in Ohio, and currently reside in Pennsylvania. I highly recommend that you visit Custard Cup if you pass through Danville - the custard is amazing!

During the two years we lived in England, I went to school at TASIS England. I attended Seton Catholic Central High School in Binghamton. I received my B.S. in Psychology from St. Lawrence University and my M.A.in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland. I received my Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Miami University.

Born: Danville, Illinois
Have Lived: Illinois, England, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Job: Associate Professor of Psychology at Kutztown University
Hobbies:  basketball, exercise, football, golfing, reading books, cooking
, being lazy and watching TV and movies, and spending time with my wife, Jennifer