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Kunal K. Das

Professor of Physics
PhD, SUNY Stony Brook

Professor Kunal K. Das is a theoretical physicist whose research is at the exciting interface between condensed matter physics and the physics of ultracold atoms. He is currently interested in transport mechanisms for carriers in nanoscale systems and their analogs in cold atoms in waveguides. He has proposed ways to simulate various mesoscopic transport processes with cold atoms, which can be used to study and understand mechanisms hard to access in electronic systems. Working in close collaboration with experimentalists, Professor Das is examining the effects of nonlinearity and coherence in transport processes as well as the transition from quantum to classical behavior.

Professor Das has contributed to the theory of Bose Einstein Condensates, Degenerate Fermi Gases and Tonks-Girardeau Gas. He also works on application of quantum and classical stochastic calculus to complex systems in biology, economics and many-body physics.

There are several students currently mentored by Professor Das, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Some of his previous students have won awards in undergraduate research competitions. Professor Das is a current Scholar of the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics (KITP) in Santa Barbara, CA.