Department of Geography

Name: Dr. Richard A. Crooker

Phone: 610-683-4837


  Professor of Geography


Ph.D. 1986 Geography, 
University of California, Riverside 
M.A. 1974 Geography
Eastern Michigan University

B.A. 1967 Geography
Chico State College

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Dr. Richard A. Crooker teaches physical geography, oceanography, map reading and interpretation, geography of Pennsylvania, and climatology. He has received numerous grants, including three research grants from the National Geographical Society Committee for Research and Exploration. 
Dr. Crooker's publications deal with a wide range of geographical topics. His research on drug production and trafficking has taken him to source areas of illegal drugs in remote areas of Thailand, Burma, China, Peru, and Bolivia. That research involved the larger issue of the relationship between environmental degradation and social conflict in international border areas.

Dr. Crooker's writing projects have also involved a book series for Chelsea House Publishers about modern world nations, as well as encyclopedia articles involving mainly environmental topics. His most recent research examines genealogical data in historical and geographical context to explain ancestral emigration from Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to northern California. In addition to researching and writing, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, and especially boogie boarding.

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GEG 010 Physical Geography

Physical geography examines spatial elements of the physical environment—weather, climate, vegetation, soils and landforms.  Students analyze the nature and characteristics of these elements, the processes involved in their development, their distribution over the earth, and their interrelationships. Students also examine the interrelationships between these elements and human activities.  They use maps and other geographical data to locate, analyze, interpret, and solve geographical problems of a physical nature.  This course is useful to students seeking to better understand geographical aspects of environmental issues. 3 contact hours; 3 semester hours.
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GEG 040 Oceanography

A course to familiarize the non-scientific students with the marine environment and current developments in the marine sciences. Topics for study will include: the Physical Parameters of the Ocean; Ocean Basin Topography; Life in the Sea; and Resources in the Oceans.  Students will be encouraged to participate in field activities at the Wallops Island Marine Center at Wallops Island, Virginia. This course is unacceptable for the Earth-Space Science major requirement. 3 contact hours; 3 semester hours.

GEG 230 Map Reading and Interpretation

This course examines how maps locate, represent, summarize and communicate geographic information. It provides a basis for advanced techniques courses in geography. It is also helpful to education majors in fields dealing with either physical or human-built environments.  PREREQUISITE: Either GEG 010, GEL 020, or GEL 100, or permission of instructor. 4 contact hours; 3 semester hours.

GEG 240 Geography of Pennsylvania

This course explores where people and places are located in Pennsylvania and why they are located where they are. The general objective is to understanding the diversity and distribution of environmental and cultural features within the state. The overall goal is to demonstrate how geography influences the state and the state's importance to the nation.

GEG 323 Global Warming and the Science of Climate Change

This course concentrates on the climatological and spatial aspects of global warming and the growing importance of the science of global warming to policymakers. The aim is to introduce the causes, methods of analysis, and policy implications of global warming. This course is a general education, natural science elective. Prerequisites: GEG 010 - Elements of Physical Geography or Meteorology GEG 320/321 or Climatology (GEG 322). Three semester hours, three contact hours.

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Encyclopedia Articles

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Journal/Proceedings Articles

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Published Book Reviews

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Internet Publications

2007. Online PowerPoint slide set to accompany Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation, 9th ed., by McKnight and Hess.

1999 (with Richard S. Courtney). “Elements of Physical Geography Online,” interactive Internet workbook for Elements of Physical Geography by Gabler, et al., Saunders College Publishing.

Published Maps and Diagrams

1983. Forty-three maps and diagrams in Crane S. Miller and Richard S. Hyslop, California: The Geography of Diversity (Palo Alto, CA: Mayfield Publishing Company).

Abstracts of Papers Presented at Professional Meetings Back

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