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CHM214 - Organic Chemistry Lecture I

CHM216 - Organic Chemistry Lecture II

CHM 326 - Advanced Organic Chemistry

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Useful Web Sites

To view files on CHM 216 Blackboard site you will need

1) Acrobat Reader (for files with a .pdf extension). It can be downloaded for free by clicking on the icon below.

2) Microsoft Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer. The Viewer can be downloaded for free from the following links: For PC's For MacIntosh's.


The Chemfinder Web Site - This is a free database of structures and physical properties of compounds. A free registration may be required.


The Aldrich Chemical Company Web Site - Contains all the information enclosed in the Aldrich Catalog. It has improved vastly over the last year. When you use it, make sure that you are viewing the Aldrich catalog entries (Sigma and Fluka entries are also available but have less information).


A Collection of Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS's) Online - MSDS's are required by law and report all the known hazards of dealing with a chemical and other information.